Meet Ally!

• Hi I’m Ally! I am a watercolor artist and graphic designer based in Austin, Texas.

• I have loved art my entire life & picked up watercolor about 5 years ago. My older sister gifted me with my first watercolor set & calligraphy tools for Christmas one year and I immediately loved it. I immediately loved the balance of perfecting the craft but always having room to make a mistake and learn more. I spent free time creating cards, paintings and other paper goods for my friends! 

• In 2020, I painted my first golf course map as a gift for my husband Campbell and have not stopped painting courses since! I have also had the privilege of painting houses, lakes, pets and many other custom requests since then.

• There is nothing that brings me more joy than someone reaching out with an idea in mind - I enjoy working together to make that idea come to life. Whether it's researching a new cityscape, looking through a special wedding album, or painting someone’s first home, I love getting to make a vision come to life through watercolor!

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